The Kaneh Story


Kaneh is a skincare range specialising in CBD Cosmeceuticals. A fresh new face to skincare which believes nature & science working closely together can truly enhance our lives for the better.

Our mission is to bring skincare to the market that is game-changing. Our products combine active ingredients with CBD making Kaneh a disrupter in the skincare market. Giving our customers empowerment when choosing a new brand we promise to continually educate and develop products according to their needs. Since our inception we have identified the need for the next generation of skincare appealing to cross gender millennial trends.

We are conscious about the planet, and our packaging reflects that. We use glass and bamboo lids, and package our soaps in aluminium tins for re-use. We try and eliminate plastic in our range wherever we can and continually look for alternatives.

This female led team has been proud to promote and empower women throughout our entire production line. Business women have featured heavily in our journey and have been crucial in aiding the development of our products.


Founders Julie & Fam have intertwined years of experience from the beauty and technology world to develop game-changing skincare. With over 30 year’s experience Julie has always been at the forefront of the beauty industry.


Passionate about innovation leading to the next generation of skincare, Julie believes that taking the best skincare ingredients and combing them with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will result in long lasting skin rejuvenation.

Fam has always been at the forefront when it comes to technology due to Fam’s working career in the tech industry for 15+ years.  Fam researched into CBD and saw the potential of the oil from the plant and being a mum, she wanted to find a way of how to use the oil on the skin for conditions such as eczema since her daughter was showing small signs of eczema at the time, and that’s how the Kaneh Skin Recovery Balm was born and everything else is history.

A message from the founders

“We hope you enjoy using our products and help us spread the word, we will always try our best to invent new creations of skincare and add to our range, we truly believe Kaneh CBD skincare will be the next generation of skincare”.

Founders – Julie & Fam

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