The Kaneh Story


Kaneh is a CBD skincare range of Cosmeceuticals. A fresh new face to skincare which believes nature & science working closely together can truly enhance our lives for the better.

Our mission is to bring skincare to the market that is game-changing. Working active ingredients together CBD makes Kaneh a disrupter in the formulation. Giving our customers empowerment when choosing a new brand we promise to continually educate and develop products according to their needs.

Founders Julie & Fam have intertwined years of experience from the beauty and technology world to develop a game-changer in skincare – “KANEH.”

Our Philosophy

We believe that our bodies can reach their full potential when they are working in harmony with mother nature. Within the fast-paced world in which we live, we know just how difficult it is to stay in tune with the environment. Taking natural extracts from the earth, we have developed a range of skincare products allowing your skin to create a peaceful balance.

Founders – Julie & Fam

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