Facial Oil – Do we really need it?

When it comes to keeping our skin hydrated, many of us think that simply using a moisturizer will keep our skin at optimal health. Whilst using a facial oil can be hugely beneficial to anyone who is suffering from dry skin, its hydrating benefits are suitable for anyone to use as part of their daily skincare routine- even those with oily skin!

Natural factors such as; aging, lack of sleep, weather and dehydration can leave our skin looking dull and dry. With such busy lives, these factors will inevitably happen to everyone. Which is why we are recommending everyone to add a facial oil into their routine in order to prepare for the unpredictable moments in life.

Our Vitamin Absolute Facial Oil is enhanced with high levels of all-natural whole plant cannabidiol (CBD), working deep within the skin to help skin cells renew, keeping the skin firm, strong and naturally refreshed. The organic ingredients work together to restore dull and tired skin to help moisturize and promote radiant skin.

It is common for many people to experience dry skin, especially as we enter the colder months. In order to optimize your skin hydration, try applying our facial oil after your moisturizer as it locks in all of the hydrating properties, allowing your skin to hold onto the added hydration.

Aside from the health benefits of including a facial oil into your daily skincare routine, the soothing, calming and moisturizing Vitamin Absolute Facial Oil leaves you feeling like a queen with its luxurious texture.

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