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Skin Structure Moisturizer

In the UK moisturisers are bought every few seconds. Looking for the holy grail is not easy. “What type of moisturiser should I buy for oily skin, for dry skin and for acne skin plus for younger skins, for weathered skin and for mature skins “All of these questions we are asked on a daily basis.’ 

Well, we think we produce a great all-rounder, our super absorbent CBD moisturiser doesn’t make oily skin oiler, acned skin spottier and dry skin dryer. 

The reasons for this are… as soon as the Kaneh cream hits our skin the receptors in our body react allowing our individual skin type to immediately benefit from CBD’s anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties. This one for all cream really does help cellular turnover leaving the skin more youthful and looking less stressed. Twice daily use will target those areas of concern, in addition, used with our serum fine lines and wrinkles will seem less obvious and diffused.

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